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M&M Staffing offers a full range of staffing services

temporary to permanent positions

The majority of our positions fall here. Our recruitment professionals work closely with your company to provide pre-qualified candidates for permanent positions, allowing you to see how the candidate works out before committing to a permanent hire.

direct placement

M & M Staffing, LLC is capable of providing head hunting services to fill your higher level and difficult-to-fill positions on a direct hire status.

payroll transfer program

This employment program permits our customers to refer new hires onto our payroll for any length of probationary time required. This is an employee testing arrangement, which allows our customers to see how employees are working out before making a commitment.

Each candidate will be pre-screened and qualified providing you with all detailed information.

on-site management

We offer this service to customers with a need for many temporary employees. We can provide daily assistance in recruitment and hiring, management, and administration directly on your premises. We can tailor this program to specifically meet your company's staffing protocols.

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